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             As Makroseat, we offer a wide variety of luxury commercial grade fixed cinema seats. Our movie theater seating options are perfect for both small and very large projects. There is no better place for auditoriums, your local cinema, sports stadium, conference room or place of worship. Our wide range of styles, colors and fabrics are suitable for any commercial space that requires seating. Buy any of our cinema seats or seating options today for an easy, stress-free use guaranteed. Contact us at 0544 7749795 for any questions or problems..

Our aim is to offer and perfect large-scale facilities such as sports stadiums, prestigious concert and theater halls, university classrooms and auditoriums, as well as to cater to smaller commercial and residential projects. Each of the commercial movie theaters for sale here has been carefully selected and tested to meet the highest quality standards for industrial applications, and has also been developed to be environmentally friendly.


             Are you looking for a fixed cinema seat for a home theater? . The type of seat you use can have a significant impact on movie viewing enjoyment. It doesn’t matter if our commercial cinema seats are in the local or home theater: having a seat with a comfortable backrest allows you to enjoy the movie without any discomfort. While comfort is a top priority, the high-end seats also add convenience in the form of cup and popcorn holders.

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If you need more information about the conference chair and let our team equip your hall perfectly, attractively, durable and comfortable with the right budget, get in touch today. Our team is always ready and at your personal service.

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